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Managed Business Checking 3

The USB Business Checking Account:

This checking account has been our standard for USB customers for many years. Businesses that need more than 100 transactions per month find this account the most attractive. It is one of the most affordable business checking accounts in the area and many businesses benefit from the offsetting earnings credit based on accompanying balances. The Business Checking Account features a convenient pay as you go item processing schedule, which can be advantageous, depending upon the nature of your business. The monthly maintenance fee for this account is just $10. Then items assessed a fee according to their type. The charge for each item paid is $.15, deposited items are $.11 each and each deposit is $.20. Your total service charge for this account depends on your volume of activity. You will also receive an earnings credit on your account based on the Money Market Deposit Account rate. This is paid on the average available balance on your account for the month. It will be applied toward and may completely offset the service charge.

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