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Personal Loans & Lines of Credit

Whether you want to sail the ocean or hit the open road, United Southern Bank is ready with a variety of loans. If you are interested in an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit or a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) for home additions, vacation or just peace of mind, call to speak to one of our lenders near you.  352-669-2121.




Mortgage Loans

Residential lending for new home purchases, major home additions, or refinancing existing loans has been a strength of USB throughout our history.  Whether you want a long-term fixed rate mortgage that is serviced outside USB or need special loan terms that USB accommodates in-house, we are ready to help you realize your home dreams. We offer a large variety of residential loans. Contact one of our residential lenders to find the perfect home loan for you!

We specialize in all types of residential loans:

To find more information about loans,  inquire online today!


 Janet Noack, Residential Lender
Janet Noack
Vice President
NMLS# 514772

Jeanne Lazo, Residential Lender
Jeanne Lazo, Greater Villages & Tri-County 
Vice President
NMLS# 514769

Rhea Ann Kennedy
Vice President

Carrie Cribb, Sumter & South Lake Counties
Vice President

Kelly Guzman
Residential Lender

Rhonda Pincus
Residential Operations

USB NMLS#419535

USB Personal Mobile and Online Banking

Track your money with mobile and online banking.   

  • Receive a text message when your direct deposit is made

  • Get a text message alert when a check clears or debit card payment is made

  • Set yourself up to receive a notice when your account drops below an amount you are comfortable with

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Business Customers should contact a CSR at any branch for enrollment forms.

USB Debit Card Enhancements

There is more protection for your USB Card.

Use CardValetR within your mobile app to block use of your card, set purchasing limits and spending parameters.

Use your USB Card for purchases within your mobile wallet with AppleR and Android PayTM where accepted by retailers.

Get an immediate text alert if we suspect fraud and simply text us back if it's you for an approved transaction.

Use your USB Debit card with no surcharge fees at Presto at Publix Grocery stores and Allpoint locations through out the United States.  To find an Allpoint location download the app or click here.