Don't be a Victim of Stimulus Check Scams

  1. No one from the IRS/government or your bank will call you and ask for your account information to deposit the funds.
  2. You won’t receive an email from the IRS/government asking you to give your banking information, so don’t open these emails or click through to links asking for more information about your personal information.
  3. Once the online registration site is ready, don’t give someone else your information to register you.
  4. You will not receive a check with a telephone number to call to “activate” the check or a check in an odd amount asking you to call.
  5. You won’t be threatened about how to be eligible for your check – so don’t fall for scams saying you have to pay back taxes or any other debt or fee in order to receive your check.
  6. IRS Warns about Cornovirus scams
Stay well!